60 Dunvegan Road

Toronto, ON M4V 2P7

60 Dunvegan Road, Toronto, ON M4V 2P7

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Casa Loma

Casa Loma neighbourhood is named after the famous castle on Avenue Road Hill built by Henry Pellatt, who purchased 25 lots in 1903. Casa Loma was constructed in 1911-1914, it cost $3,500,000 to build. Only a decade later, Henry Pellatt lost the castle to the city of Toronto to alleviate his serious debt. 

The Neighbours 
Educated, wealthy and overwhelmingly urban — this segment consists of a mix of larger families and older couples and singles who enjoy a leisure-intensive lifestyle. 

What It's Like 
The neighbourhood is made up of large mansions and well landscaped gardens, and wealthy residents who copy the romance of the castle itself. The majority of homes in this area were built before 1940, architectural influences are from Tudor, Georgian, Edwardian, or English Cottage designs. 

What You'll Like 
There is excellent access to many TTC routes. The neighbourhood is nestled between 2 shopping hubs; Bathurst and St. Clair shopping district and Forest Hill Village, just north of St.Clair. 

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60 Dunvegan Road
Toronto, ON M4V 2P7
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